Posted on December 14, 2015 by Bold Apps

I often get asked, "What other 'good' companies do you love?" There are soo many, but this year I decided make a list of my favorites in honor of the Holiday. Oh, and so I can direct my family easily to my list! HA! 

These products I've chosen are all made with an artisan's two hands and have much love put into it. 

1: $360, Handmade Duffle from Manos Zapotecas. Look at the beautiful woven details!!! http://manoszapotecas.com/crystal-duffel

2: $115, Sade Tunic handmade by Maggie Pate of Nade Clothing. Oh, the boho-vibe... she gets me. http://www.nade-studio.com/clothing/sadie-tunic-in-green-deco

3: $148, Arrow Tunic Dress by Symbology Clothing. I've had a total crush on this Fair Trade brand for some time now. Their designs are so me, and their production process melts my heart. http://symbologyclothing.com/collections/dresses/products/stylized-feather-trapeze-in-grey-black

4: $139.99, Black Nomad Bootie by Sseko Designs. These booties speak for themselves. I love these soo much I could wear them every single day. http://ssekodesigns.com/shop/shoes/booties/black-tibeb-nomad-bootie.html

5: $6.50, Coco Love Almond Butter by Revival Food Company. I meet the founder at a conference earlier in the year and not only fell in love with her heart, but her tasty creations. http://www.revivalfoodco.com/shop/cacao-love

Check these fabulous companies out, and feel free to send any of the above my way. 


Jen Moran