Change Your Look, Change LIVES

Posted on June 02, 2014 by Jennifer Moran


At Greenola Style, our dream is to not only impact the lives of each artisan we work with in Bolivia, but to create a ripple effect in the communities they reside. With Norma, together we are improving a community. Norma Guzman leads the production of all our recycled aguayo jewelry. Through the Greenola Style partnership, her life has changed to the point where she has the capacity to help others in her own community.

Jen Moran, the founder of Greenola Style, met Norma in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2009. At that time Norma sold her own designs in the market with her husband, Pablo. Norma was one of the first jewelry artisans to work with Greenola Style, and she has flourished incredibly.

Through our partnership Norma has created an opportunity for her son, passing her success down to the next generation. Her son, Pavlo, now manages her business in Bolivia. What was once one woman working for Greenola Style is now a family business. The Guzman family now employs people within the community to help craft Greenola Style aguayo jewelry. Since working for Greenola style, Norma has been able to pay down loans that she acquired from a previous business, her home, and her children’s education. More importantly, Norma has been empowered to help her family create a small business that provides a living wage in order for her and her community to rise above poverty in Bolivia.

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